About me

Joanna is a sought after and experienced professional Counsellor accredited with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) specialising in the area of mental health, bereavement, grief and loss.

Joanna lost her mother at an early age to a severe mental health issue and subsequently through death in 2015. Her early life and childhood was therefore challenging. While challenging, her childhood also provided great opportunities for learning and personal growth

Joanna’s is a graduate of Ulster University in Business Studies. She worked in the area of business and finance for many years, primarily in public sector organizations and still does on a part-time basis

At the age of 26, difficult life circumstances arose, resulting in a mental health crisis. Joanna then underwent intensive therapy that evoked change within herself, this change was then reflected in all areas of her life.

At the age of 28, having felt unfulfilled in her finance role Joanna decided to change her career. In pursuit of a more rewarding and fulfilling career she went back to school and after 4 years of study, graduated as a professional therapist and in 2018 achieved accreditation status with the BACP.

In 2018 Joanna successfully set up her own private counselling practice providing one to one counselling to adults dealing with a variety of issues to include, stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm, thoughts of life not worth living, suicidal ideation, bereavement and much more

Throughout her counselling career, Joanna served 3.5 years as a Samaritans volunteer supporting individuals in distress and despair. She is a fully trained and qualified bereavement counsellor with Cruse bereavement services NI and worked at Cruse for 6.5 years. Joanna also worked 1 year at Southern Area Hospice services providing counselling to individuals and their families affected by cancer. She also served 2 years as a counsellor with PIP’s Hope and Support counselling individuals with mental health issues and those bereaved through suicide.

Joanna is also a qualified professional life coach. She is a mindset, career change, personal development, self-care, spiritual life and spiritual awakening coach. Joanna coaches individuals through the process of change.

Professional Qualifications:

University of Ulster Diploma in Business Studies

University of Ulster Certificate in Counselling Studies  

University of Ulster Foundation degree in Integrative Counselling Studies (FDsc) (Humanistic Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Counselling, Psycho-dynamic Counselling)

Certificate in Life and workplace Coaching IMPC& M

Diploma in Life and workplace Coaching IMPC & M

Other Professional Qualifications:

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Level 4
Psychological trauma –  WAVE Institute – OCN – Level 4
Diploma in Solvent & Alcohol Abuse Counselling – Level 3
Diploma in Hypnotherapy – Level 3
Diploma in psychology -Level 2
Diploma in Depression Management – Level 2
Diploma in Spirituality – Level 2
Certificate in Awareness in Bereavement Care – Level 2
Certificate in Drug & Alcohol Awareness –  Level 2
Advanced Diploma in Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Level 1
Diploma in Anger and Aggression Management – Level 1

Continued professional development:

I  have also completed training courses and attended workshops in:

· Child Protection
· Domestic Abuse & Violence – Womens Aid Newry
· Asist suicide prevention training – PIP’s Newry & Mourne
· Mental Health first aid training – PIP’s Newry & Mourne
· Safe talk suicide training -PIP’s Newry & Mourne
· Drug & Alcohol Awareness training – REACT Banbridge
· Eating Disorder Awareness training -Adapt NI
. Working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse – Nexus NI